September 9, 2012

Grand Ballet

Hello once again! It's been a week since the last photoshoot I published, and im thrilled to be showing this one off so early! 

This shoot was very special to me cause the model is one of my dearest friends Michelle, who has recently graduated from her bachelor degree in dance. She's a graceful ballet dancer and she's already starting her own academy collaborating with others just to being!

She asked me if i could take some shots of her so she could use them on her publicity, and of course I was really honored and really into it, because, as u should and may know, a lot of the top models nowadays have been discovered at ballet and all kinds of dance competitions! It is extremely different to shoot a dancer instead of just a regular person. Because they all already know how to master their body languages and they do know how to stay on pose as long as they can just to create a GREAT shot! All we have to work with is the face, but that's MY job right here, right now!

So I hope u like it and enjoy it as much as I do!

Thanks for ur time, XOXO!

September 7, 2012

Dulce Coronado

After almost a month of no production (sorry, ive been kinda busy with school and stuff), here u can see the 5th shoot that I just made with a friend of mine, im digging her hair SO much, so easy to wave, iron & curl  and SO long, every hair-do will get a loooot of attention with that lenght!

Hope u enjoy it! XOXO

August 13, 2012


After almost a month, here i present u the 4th photoshoot i did just yesterday, i've been selecting and editing all day long and im so tired so i wont be writing a whole lot this time, lol!

This time, to change it a little bit, i wanted to try black & white, gray scales, silhouettes, strong and deep faces, etc. Just some "raw" emotions. So I had this friend of mine for a long time ago, called Patricia who I've always liked her face and body since I met her. She's now introducing herself into fashion by appearing in some of the local runaway shows, but i always wanted to push her to her limits and push her to make these faces she never did before!

And of course as hopefully u can tell, the other one is Maria, from the 1st shoot! She's amazing showing off faces so i really wanted her in this shoot as well!

Hope u enjoy it as much as I did, cause just to be true, this is by far my favorite shoot, just because this time i had more the opportunity to direct the girls and break them justtt the way i wanted, lol!


Photographer: Ian Brito Delgado
Models: María Leyva
             Patricia Ramos

Make up & Hair: Ian Brito Delgado

July 16, 2012


Hello everyone, here I'll show u my 3rd photoshoot I just made yesterday, I got REALLY excited so that's why I finished it a bit earlier than the other ones! Lol.

My friend Zarina and I got together with this idea all about crazy and edgy makeup and VERY colorful backgrounds, we wanted to exploit the contrast of the colors we used at their maximum by choosing a background of one color and creating some makeup completely different than the background color we chose!

It was also very hard on my friend cause she had to clean off all of her makeup 3 times, so her skin got really irritated by the end, lol!

Hopefully u'll like it as MUCH as we did!

Im reallyreally excited to show this one off, i dont know why lol, so.. ENJOY!


NOTE: Please for this one shoot i'll beg u to see it using any other server that's not CHROME, as I've been telling the past 2 photoshoots u cannot appreciate the real colors of the pictures. So this, being a VERY colorful shoot, it'll be best if u use Rockmelt, Firefox, Explorer or Safari!

Hola a todos, les mostraré mi 3ra sesión de fotos que tuve apenas ayer, la verdad me emocioné DEMASIADO y por lo mismo terminé la edición y toques finales mas rápido que las veces pasadas!

Mi amiga Zarina y yo nos juntamos y llegamos a un concepto muuuy padre a cerca de maquillaje loco y "edgy" con fondos de colores MUY llamativos. Quisimos explotar al máximo lo que era el contraste de los colores escogiendo un color de fondo y luego creando un maquillaje llamativo con colores complétamente diferentes al antes escogido como fondo.

Se escucha muy padre pero la verdad costó trabajo, y más que nada en la piel de mi querida y dejada amiga (haha) porque tuvo que limpiarse el maquillaje 3 veces, lo que para su piel la verdad no fue nada agradable y para el último color y maquillaje, su piel ya casi no aguantaba lo irritado y el ardor!

De verdad estoy muymuy emocionado por mostrarles esta sesión en particular, espeeeero la disfruten!


NOTA: POR FAVOR para ver esta sesión de verdad entren desde otro servidor que NO sea CHROME, ya que como les he mencionado antes, no se aprecia bien el look real de la foto. Y esta sesión, siendo un concepto todo sobre COLORES y sus contrastes, me gustaría que los aprecieran bien, entrando ya sea desde Rockmelt, Firefox, Explorer o Safari!

Photographer: Ian Brito Delgado
Model: Zarina Antúnez